Can you escape from an empty room? The clues are right in front of you all  long, but you can only get it if you solve the mystery of the strange room and discover what an empty room can hide…

Difficulty: 10/10
Length: 60 min

🏅 Nominee (2023) Terpeca
🏅 Nominee (2022) Terpeca
🏅 Finalist (2021) Terpeca
🏅 Finalist (2020) Terpeca
🏅 Finalist (2019) Terpeca
🏅 Best Escape Rooms (2016) The Logic Escapes Me

You have to complete a secret order from Don Francesco. The police are on their way. You’d better hurry.  To solve it you’ll need clear logic, ingenuity and sometimes unique thinking…


Difficulty: 8/10
Length: 60 min

We will take you 100 years back in time to the room of a mining engineer who worked on a gold-making machine. Your task is to complete and test the forgotten alchemist method.


Difficulty: 9/10
Length: 60 min

Soon we will take you to a magical world where you need to fulfill the mystic request of an old wizard. The newest escape room in Budapest, where many puzzle can be solved by logical steps where you’ll need a sprinkle of magic to succeed.


Difficulty: 7/10
Length: 60 min

Escape room Budapest! Central location: In the middle of the city!

After your game you’ll find yourself in the most vibrant part of the city, the one and only Gozsdu Courtyard party district.

Award Winning games, Combination of well designed challenges

Tested tasks that require different skills, but all can be accomplished. A great variety of escape room puzzles in a unique environment

Autentic environment with matching challenges

We paid attention to the design of our games so they can be genuine and realistic. We are acclaimed internationally, our escape rooms have garnered outstanding reviews from players across the globe

Attractive, high standard and clean interior

Instead of a dirty basement escape room, we welcome you with an attractive, clean interior and newly built toilets

Ágnes S
Ágnes S
White Mission completed It was my first escape room experience but I think a got addicted:) We took the White Mission. It was challenging but still fun, right on the edge. I was completely immersed in playing with colleagues, it was a flow experience, thank you.
recommended !! we visited the white room. was excellent !!! one of the best.... two adults 3 kids aged 19,16,9 all had great experience, and great time !!
Quentin C
Quentin C
White mission : un Must-do pour les fans de puzzles Staff : 2/2 --- Acceuil : 1/1 Convivial Communication 1/1 Indications précises, nous ont laissé les 5 min qu'il nous manquait pour tout terminer, merci ! Immersion : 2/3 --- - Décors : 2/2 Très simples, mais c'est en accord avec le thème et les énigmes, donc ok pour moi ! - Ambiance sonore 0/1 Il n'y en avait pas vraiment, c'est mon seul reproche Puzzles 5/5 Le meilleur escape game à ce jour d'un point de vue des puzzles --- - Logique 2/2 Tout s'enchaîne de façon logique - Maniabilité 2/2 Tout est facile à manier - Timing 1/1 Pile ce qu'il faut 😊 Impression générale - le top parmi les escape game du point de vue puzzle !
Hard but Fun Three of us (an adult, a 16-yo, and a 14-yo) visited the Alchemist room at Gozsdu Mission, downtown Budapest. We're seasoned escapees, but we found this room quite a challenge despite the 90-minute allotted time. Fortunately, the staff were very generous with hints, and we did eventually escape. The puzzles were very well thought out and varied. We had to adapt our strategies over and over. I would recommend to smaller groups that they start asking for hints sooner rather than later. We waited 30 minutes but should've probably started after 15 minutes to be less rushed toward the end. We still had a lot of fun.
Mika R
Mika R
Best I been in 2 rooms of 3 in this place and they are both amazing! Everything is so cool, games are awesome and definitely if you look for escape rooms in Budapest, you should visit this place ❤️
Mindhárom szobát ajánlom Évek óta járunk a családdal -négyesben- "szabadulni" , budapesten gyakorlatilag mindenhol voltunk, sok tapasztalatot gyűjtöttünk.:) Egy kezemen meg tudnám számolni az igazán jó szobákat. A godzsu mindhárom szobája ide tartozik...zseniális,jól felépített,megfelelően gondolkodtató...nekünk mindhárom szinte egyformán tetszett.
Marietta P
Marietta P
White room A Fehér Szobában voltunk 14-16 éves gyerekeinkkel és nagyon élveztük. Tudtunk külön találgatni, nem épülnek egymásra a feladatok, és a végén kiszabadultunk. Tisztaság van, a felszerelések jó állapotban vannak! Jövünk máskor is!
Gàspàr P
Gàspàr P
Perfect One of the best experience we ever had in an escape room. Really well made and hard tasks. It was a great feeling to do it.
Kinga R
Kinga R
Great experience Great place, we had a great time! Creative puzzles, thought-provoking tasks, really fun! We can't wait for the next room!
Orsolya S
Orsolya S
Fun in the White Room 6 of us just did the White Room and it was sooooo fun. 2 of our group have never been to an escape room and they both loved it. It's really good for both English and hungarian speakers. The lady who helped us was brilliant and so lovely! One of the best escape rooms I've ever tried, will be back to try the rest!


Our escape room offers the perfect activity for team building events, fostering close bonds among colleagues through shared goals and timed challenges. Following the adventure, numerous dining options in the Gozsdu Court provide a relaxing environment to unwind and share experiences. Our award-winning games have proven their worth at many team-building occasions. Located in Budapest’s most vibrant passageway, the Gozsdu Courtyírd, our unique and unparalleled venue not only guarantees an exceptional escape room experience but also immerses you in the area’s rich culinary offerings, whether you’re interested in dining or enjoying cocktails.



Let’s make the birthday party a real joy with your friends and loved ones in our escape rooms.

Celebrate it with us! The good mood is guarantied. For further details please write us or call us.


If you would like to surprise your friends with a remarkable hen or stag party, then this one will surely make it for all of you. A life long good memory.

Organise the party here.

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The cancellation of the escape rooms are possible 48 hours before the start of the game. We ask you please notify us on any of our contact as soon as you realise if you are unable to attend a booked game, so we can release that date for someone else.


Last minute bookings can only be made via telephone call.

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Are you searching for a partner in escape game business? You are at the right place. Our company designs and build original, highy quality escape rooms since 2014. We do not sell our rooms in a classic franchise system, we do not apply monthly regular fee. For details and more information please write us!

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