Players          Price/Player        

2 people          5.000,-HUF       

3 people          4.500,-HUF     

4 people          4.000,-HUF            

Players            Price/Player           

5 people            3.500,-HUF             

6 people            3.000,-HUF 

7 people            3.000,-HUF   

Pricelist is valid from 2 of July 2019. In case of reservation made before that date the previous prices are valid.

Prices include 27% tax.

Playtime: White Mission 90 minutes, Maffia Mission 75 minutes, Prison Mission 60 minutes.

In case of teambuilding please contact us: +36 20 372-5454 or



Celebrate your birthday at Gozsdu Mission and you can play for 10000 HUF (max 4 people). Discount can be used only for one game. Valid from 16 of April 2017.

To get this discount you have to write "birthday" after your name during making your resservation and you have to show your ID card to prove that your birthday is on the day of the game (+-4 days allowed).

Cannot be combined with other discounts.